Selasa, 05 Agustus 2014

sekilas cerita perih yg tak berarti

Aku tak tau apa yang kini yang terjadi dalam kehidupanku, kini sepertinya semakin rumit dan tak jelas jalan yang harus aku jalani. Semakin lama aku semakin terpuruk dalam dunia gelapku yang tak ku mengerti  , hanya hamparan gelap yang menantiku tanpa kutau knpa bisa begini. Aku kehilangan jati diriku, kehilangan kepercayaanku berubah menjadi sosok yg ku benci selama aku hidup. Masalah yang bertubi-tubi, pengkhiànatan yg kudapat, kepercayaan yg ku beri dan persahabatan yg ku banggakan selama ini sirna semua. Ntah bagai mana semua itu trjadi dan awal kehancuran bagiku menuju kegelapan.bukannya ingin menyerah dan tak mau bangkit tapi semua terlalu menyakitkan bagi. Aku bertanya apa yg terjadi knpa bisa berakhir seperti kisah ini. Seorang sahabat yg mampu melukaiku begitu dalam, aku juga tak mau begini membiarkannya jatuh dan smakin jatuh. Tapi hatiku terlalu terluka walaupun aku berusaha tegar dan tak menangis lagi tetap saja tersa perih. Aku merindukannya yg menyakitiku , kata2nya yg menyakitkan dan pernyataannya  yg tak pernah ku sangka meremukkan jiwaku. Jika bisa ingin sekali aku membenci dan menghajarnya tapi rasa sayang itu terlalu lekat dhati ini.  MElihatnnya hanya akan menimbulkan air mata ini mengalir dan aku hanya akan terlihat seperti pecundang.  Dan berakhir seperti orang bodoh. Ingin rasanya mengulang waktu saat2 bersamanya namun kini hanya kenangan pahit yang penuh dengan kebohongan. Segala snyum dan tawa itu  hanyalah semu tak berarti . Kenapa aku bsa serapuh ini skrg hanya krna masalah itu. Wake up arfit  back to your self, nikmati hidup dan back to right side. Mu gkin memang salahku membiarkan masalah itu semakin membuatku terjatuh ke lembah hitan, tak seharusnya aku demikian, ku harus kuat dan kembali hidupku lagi, menggapnya tidak ada mungkin jauh labih baik kini. Semogga suatu saat kebenaran ituterungkap . Aku bukanlah orang seperti yg dia pikirkan ataupu  seperti karangan hebatnya karna ku tau pasti karma itu ada.

Sabtu, 08 Maret 2014

How to Less Our Emotion

            Every human in our life have a charactristic. Each  of them have the difrent charateristic too such as a person who like angry, soft, kind, honest etc. If we have the good character is very well. But if we have bad character is so bad . why i say tahat ? because every human who have bad chararter will cause many things that harm her/his self or the other. The small problem will be big if the person who has problem cannot control his/her emotion and if  it happen she/he will do bad thing like such us criminality, hurt others etc. It’s really so bad right ? all of people will hate us, no friends and we can not do anything without the others help. So how to less solve the problem to keep your relantionships with the others ? This is a tips for you all who like angry to less your emostion.
            First of all, you must be loving your life and be grateful what do you have now. It’s so important because without that you can not hold  out in this world. In your heart just there are  jealous, angry, anglophobe and grude. It’s really bad characters and you will get loss control easyly but then if you love everything who you have and precious of your life , you will be happy and there are things make you angry. It’s really help you to keep your emotion and certainly you will be happy everytime because many people will love you more.
            The second, you must be positive thingking and don’t be curious to the others esayly. Must you know that our mind is so sensitive and it can be wrong. Our logical is limited and we can not think something from one part but we must turn over in mind the other part. Our mind can traps us to the wrong decision like the imajination will look real if we only use our emotion. Beside that our felling  will alyways be careful and be curious to the people and it will make your around uncomfortable but if you always be positive thingking everything is gonna be ok and easy. You can enjoy to your activity without load and think far you must be positive thinking to help you to get good mood and felling.
            The third , getting good environment around your life. The charters someone will be form by their enviroment. If they have bad enviroment who like drugs or bad job, almost 70 % they will be like it but now we are adult right ? we can choose our character or change the bad character we have. The person who live the bad circle such a person who like angry and like loss control will be like that  . So choosing your good enviroment to get good character then you can keep your emotion everywhere with your situation and your condition.
            The fourth, back again to our religion, we know that each of relagion always teach us to do good something. And each of religions always teach how to forgive and tell us how beutiful our life if we are together without many problem. Religions is a good media to teach someone how to get good charater too . meanwhile you can keep your emotion from thereligion’s lesson.
            The fiveth, it is the step to you how to less your emostiom quickly. You can start use arithmetic or alphabet and the end it then you do that again until your emotion more good. It’s the general steps that usually human do to less their emotion but you must do in your heart. If the steps failed you must do that again and again until you forget your proble.
            The sixth, it took  a deep breath and then sigh until the last gasp. It is a good way to some people who like loss their control. It usually do by someone who never like something but he must do it. So just do that in some things.

Minggu, 03 November 2013


In our lives as social beings and as individuals themselves would have a problem . Because life without problems is not real life and it's just wonderful when a problem or conflict that happens , we always take the load and not just a few people who think even a narrow defeat by the problem itself , and even decided to end the life . We know that communication is a key determinant of quality of their relationships with those around us . That's because they , when conflict occurs , we must still consider how we communicate that conflict or quarrel was not dilated and could be overcome . However , often times people are just wrong to take a stand so that the conflict can be resolved even open it give rise to a new problem to the split . Here I summarize some wrong attitude in dealing with conflict is to avoid conflict , self-defense or self-closing , on an average , would like to be true , would not listen , and want to blame the defeat .
First , to avoid conflicts . When the conflict instead we talk about it calmly , we just keep quiet . However , the risk , because we are too long silence , then we precisely no longer hold back and the feeling of finally exploded . And the impact is much more dire . Remember to avoid conflict can actually make us depressed . Do not avoid let alone beg nothing , better to talk about issues well in order to avoid bigger problems .
Second , self-defense and self-closing . Instead of opening up, but rather self-defense . This is the wrong attitude of the latter . When we get defensive , we will tend to be stubborn and not want to look at the possibility of an error on our part as well . Similarly , even when other people want to talk about these issues , then we reject it and build a wall or pretend to say " it's okay ... " . Despite the fact that we still keep anger . In the short term this attitude may be beneficial to us because they we do not have to confront the problem . Nevertheless , it can actually bring a long-term problem because both parties feel pressured and also unresolved conflict .
Third , in general . Said on an average , for example : " you always . .. . " Or " you never .... " . In fact , the fact that such sentences are often just exaggerated . He may not always wrong and never right rather than as alleged . Happened , words like this in addition would hurt those who hear will also make he tried to defend himself and he fell into the error number 2 mentioned above . Therefore avoid the words of this kind.
Fourth , want to be true . Truth have benchmark ( the word of God , the facts , the applicable laws and others) . However , often that makes quarrels are the things that are relatively or equally true , according to each party . Instead of seeking to be true , humble attitude is much more needed to resolve the conflict . Do not demand other people see the same way , but learn to see from his perspective , and do not be offended if he had a different opinion of your premises .
Fifth , do not want to listen . God gave us two ears and one mouth so that we listen more . So listen first and do not assume , prejudiced attitude , or do not need an explanation in the face of conflict . How do we understand their points of view if we just do not want to listen to his explanation first. Likewise , he could not understand how our field if it does not want to listen to it and just want to be heard . Therefore hidarilah siakap this bleak moment the conflict because they will conflict increasingly wide spread and if it happens .
Sixth , to blame . Sometimes people dealing with conflict by criticizing or blaming others for the situation. There may be weaknesses in his perspective and he's aware of it , but he did not want to admit because he considers it would weaken his position . In fact , the real conflict is also a bus into an opportunity to assess the situation and determine the needs of both parties or later seek win- win solutions . As long as you can be calm and open in the face , then the conflict could be a turning point for reaching a deal .
Seventh , want to blame the defeat   . When we try to " win" the debate , often it can make us " beat " relationship . If we still want to establish a good relationship with someone , then when the debate occurs , remove the desire to make him lose or cornered . It was no use . The core of a debate ( or rather discussion ) is to understand each other and find a solution that respects the needs of both parties . So if we just focus on " winning " the debate , we can not expect our relationship will remain fine . Have empathy because just like us , every single person wants to be appreciated and listened to.
That's the wrong attitude or seven mistakes in dealing with conflict in our lives . Therefore we should avoid such mistakes to avoid conflict , self-defense or self-closing , on an average , would like to be true , would not listen , and want to blame the defeat to resolve conflicts that we face . So that when a conflict occurs will not be a burden to us , but we can think positively by making reference to the conflict is personal stone is more mature and better . Positive thinking and calm in dealing with conflicts led is a good way to solve the problems we face with such good communication and quality will be established as well . Hopefully this essay can help us become a more personally think adults in facing the problems of life in this world .
A. Humans as social beings and the individual must have a problem
B. Communication is the key determinant of quality of their relationships with those around us
C. Wrong attitude in dealing with conflict
A. avoid conflicts
1 . stillness and silence for too long risks
2 . avoid conflicts make us depressed
3 . avoid conflicts and consider nothing will cause even greater problems .
B. Self-defense and self-closing
1 . defensive makes us stubborn and do not want to see their own mistakes
2 . refusal and build their own walls when storing anger
3 . attitude of the short and long term
C. In general
avoid words like "you always . .. . " Or " you never .... "
D. Want to be true
1 . the truth is no benchmark
2 . considers himself completely resolve conflicts
3 . see the conflict from the point of view of others and appreciate
F. Do not want to listen
listen to others' opinions first and do not assume
G. Want to beat
1 . blame others for what happened
2 . weaken the position of
3 . win-win solutions
H. Want to blame the defeat
1 . " win " and " defeat "
2 . empathy
1 . Avoid the mistakes that have been mentioned will help resolve conflicts that we face
2 . Positive thinking by making or conflict problem as a personal reference rock better .
3 . Positive thinking will establish good communication and quality

Kamis, 31 Oktober 2013


Sahabat ?
Ntahlah . .   !! sulit bagiku kini mengungkap kata dan makna sahabat itu. Seorang yang kita anggap sahabat dan mengerti kita belum tentu akan menjadi seperti itu selamanya karena tak selamanya setiap langkah dan berada di sisinya bahkan samapai tertawa dan melewati segala sesuatunya sendiri itu berbeda dengan kata hatinya yang tersimpan begitu rapat. Hingga pada suatu saat ketika kita tahu hati dan persaannya yang sebenarnya hanya membawa luka dan kecewa yang sangat mendalam. Terlebih jika kita mendalami pikiran dan logika yang ada di sekeliling kita , hanya akan menambah luka dan perih yang begitu menusuk sampai tak bisa terima logika dan hati nurani. Selama ini mungkin setiap rasa yang menyakiti dan segala kekurangannya yang kita anggap sebagai kekurangan kita bersama jika dimaknai sungguh taksanggup bertahan disisinya. Aku percaya akan sahabat sejati dan aku berharap itu diantara mereka yang ku pilih di sisiku namun pada akhirnya tetap ada yang hanya menyakiti dan melukai. Sulit mungkin dimengerti oleh logika dari setiap uraian kata-kata yang ada namun setidaknya hanya ini yang ammapu mewakili hati buat rasa yang begitu menyiksa.
                Terluka karena dihianati mungkin sakit dan biasa dialami bnyak orang termasuk aku yang dulu hingga sekarang namun kini kutahu jauh lebih terluka jika orang yang kita sayang dan cintai dengan tulus tersiksa disisi kita. Bukan sebagiai seorang pesangan saja namun juga perteman ini. Sungguh aku menangis dan terluka dalam ketika ku tahu dan ku dengar seorang teman yang begitu berarti mengatakan hal demikian tapi yah sudahlah  . .
aku akan mencoba menjauh jika memang itu untuk kebaikkannya.
         kini hariku bagai sebuah bibit baru yang tak tau akan masa yang akan datang dan apa akhir dari segala perjalannan kehidupan ini. tapi bagaimanapun juga aku tak mungkin berhenti dan meratapi nasib yang btak aakan menjadi rama jikalau aku minta dkasihani. walau hari-hariku kini penuh dengan noda dan tinta hitam yang yang bergejolak darlam hati aku sangat beharap masih ada jalan terang untukku untuk bahagia. yah hanya fokus pada masa depan saat ini .mengesamping segala hal yang terlalu menyita waktu dan pikiranku. semoga semuanya menjadi lebih indah dan bahagia untuk semua. yang pasti harus lebih menghargai apa yang aku punya kini !!

Kamis, 03 Oktober 2013

Causes of juvenile delinquency

In a world that is increasingly sophisticated and modern human thought patterns also progressing and developing , both positive and negative impacts . As in everyday life look like real evidence that rapid acquisition of information and can be obtained anywhere with the help of the internet is a positive impact . While its negative impact such as juvenile delinquency , hedonistic and others. These negative impacts that could damage the nation's next generation of the nation's children are caught up in juvenile delinquency .
Juvenile delinquency is caused by the progress of time and technology make me regret this . Many young people use to blame the nation's next generation of technological advances . Not to support for educational activities and knowledge development even make them increasingly fall on the road ynag one that can destroy the future and their ideals . It is very sad for me , the kids are supposed to be role models and reflection for the nation's progress and even destroyed the livelihoods of the progress of time because they are increasingly sophisticated .
Here I summarize some negative impact effect of juvenile delinquency that I often encounter in the environment around me . As it is not entirely of it's own teenage self , but also the influence of the outside world .
First , due to the influence of a broken family . This is due to the lack of communication and attention from parents to their children or because they are usually the main cause of separation of parents is often called a broken home so many kids who are looking for fun sediri outside the family by choosing the wrong path and misleading . Because they influence the family is the main thing that causes juvenile delinquency .
Secondly , the influence of the environment is not good . In that sense , an unhealthy environment and have adverse effects on the character and behavior that lead to increased juvenile crime will be undertaken by the teenage children . Though the environment is a powerful influence in shaping the character and mindset of a teenager. Thus the bad environment cause the formation of bad teenage character anyway .
Thirdly , the influence of technology and the ease of abuse of easy information retrieval . With the ease of use of technology ( Internet ) anyone can find information easily and dilakukana anywhere. But this convenience even abused by men for the benefit and satisfaction of online gambling or simply like to watch porn videos that should not have been time for them to know . The Internet has two positive effects when used with positive but negative if it is used for negative things .
Latter due to the influence of others caused by the unreliability of religious faiths in adolescents have . As we know religions have always taught a good thing , but perhaps due to the lack of sufficient religious deepening mental and character firmly established teenagers . It is very unfortunate and a very deep keperihatinan for me .
Thus the influence of juvenile delinquency in my opinion is the very thing to note by any party be it the government or the community itself . Because after teenagers or young people is the successor to our nation . How can our nation want to progress and develop if the next generation is even destroyed due to the influence of the development of civilization and technology in one super advanced use. Thus the attention and support of all parties genarasi devastating for the nation's future so it does not fall into a destructive juvenile delinquency hopes and ideals of the nation and the adolescents themselves .

do this tasks in Nommensen university and angkot witht my friends until 8 pm
thanks for you all DEVI NOVITA , RINA ERNI , ANDREW ( DEVI'S SISTER ) , FRANSISKO, JUSUF AND OF COURSE  to the sister who give us her laptop. thanks for everything.

Jumat, 27 September 2013

If I become the most beautiful woman in the world .

Every human being has the advantages and disadvantages of each . There may be born with physical perfection is complete or there is also less , or some are having a beautiful face and ugly . Although it's pretty relative word people but we must realize that physical beauty is not to be lied to . Many people who have a beautiful face but also a lot of beautiful women is not worth looking. Dismissed that physical beauty is not only the capital of a beautiful face but also from the heart , nature and good behavior then that's my goal if it would become the most beautiful woman in the world .
Many things that make a person beautiful it practically . Some people regard it from a physical or pretty a person is considered beautiful , if she smiles . There is also a beautiful if a person has a body like the Spanish guitar . There is also a beautiful saying if he has a smooth white skin , but there is also a beautiful person say because he's smart . But whatever it is I think it's beautiful views of the heart from the face and behavior .
I think that pretty can be classified into two categories of gorgeous and beautiful in appearance from the heart . Her face is prettier than that just looks gorgeous from the outside side of the heart is beautiful while it looks beautiful not only on his face but also on the nature and behavior that reflects the softness of a woman . Because of his face could be seen pretty far-fetched , while beautiful of nature that reflects careful she is a real woman .
I want to be the prettiest woman in the world is not without reason , but I have a goal that can change the world and exalt the dignity of a woman . As for my goals if it would become the most beautiful woman in the world , namely :
First I will make an all-girls school . In this school I want to teach any woman to be a true woman . Woman who has a beautiful face and also has the perfect personality and educated both in character so as to produce an elegant woman , wise , smart and talented and can be taken into account quality and quantity . Because such women are real women .
Secondly I want to exalt the dignity and honor of a woman . Because as we all know now a lot of abuse and violence against women . Where - where many women are victims of sexual abuse both physical and inner traumatized by the disgraceful actions . Many young women serve as the outlet for that passion alone can destroy the hopes and their aspirations so that the dignity and honor of women merosotlah . When it should uphold her in honor and dignity .
Lastly, if I become the most beautiful woman I wanted to prove to the world that a woman can be a leader who is not only beautiful but capital can change the world are getting destroyed and damaged by human cruelty and the development of civilization with super advanced technology . So that women will be more in degree and proven to elevate the creature was not a weak woman but also can work and achievement . It was a real woman .
Therefore if I if I be the most beautiful woman in the world I would be a woman who is not only his looks , but also from the heart , nature and good behavior . Because a woman can uphold and admit if to prove his ability on the quality and quantity and the abuse of women can be eradicated and women can be leaders for changing times better . Because real women are women noble quality .


Rabu, 28 Agustus 2013

aku dan duniaku kinni

semakin hari semakin banyak waktu dan perjuangan
yang aku butuhkan dalam setiap langkah tempat aku berpijak
semakin lama dan lam selalu terurai kenangan dan kenangan
ntah itu kenangan sedih ataupun bahagia 
ntah itu ku harus menangis dan terluka atau
itu rasa suka citaku dan tawaku
semuanya kini butuh perjuangna yang luar biasa 
untuk aku jalani dan bertahan sampai disini

banyak hal yang aku tahui dan ku mengerti kini . .
banyak hal yang membuatku kuat dan tegar sampai saat ini
dan begitu juga perih dan sakit yang begitu terasa bagiku
dan itu semua tak lepas dari ironi kehidupanku
yang complicated dan butuh perjuangan . .

kadang pernah terpikir olehku untuk menghilang dari kehidupan ini
dan pernah juga aku berpikir untuk menutup diri dan terkurung
dalam sebuah rumah tanpa keluar walau hanya sesaat
memasuki sisi gelap dan kesendirianku
sering pula aku selalu lari dari masalah dan bersembunyi 
bahkan kadang disaat aku berlari aku merasa tak ada masalah
hanya saja selalu banyak cara yang menghampiri dan mengikatku
dalam masalah dan semua yang membuatku terluka dan bahagia
sehingga mau tidak mau aku haru mampu menyelesaikannya
ntah itu pada akhirnya ada rasa kecewa ataupun  kepuasan
dan aku bersyukur karnanya hingga tak ada ungkapan penyesalan
yang aku rasakan kini terlalu banyak . .

kini aku berlajar bagaimana menghargai setiap kehidupanku
menjaga dan menyayangi setiap hal yang aku miliki
karena itu adalah harta berhargaku melebihi apapun yang adamembuang segala daftar kekecewaan dan mencoba tersenyum cerah
bahagia dan menikmati surga dunia yang sesungguhnya

menikmati setiap kebahagian yang hampir aku lupa bagaimana persaaan itu
tersenyum pada sang fajar dan berterimakasih buat hari yang baru
tertawa dalam perih dan lukaku dan menghapus air mataku
dan dengan lantang aku dapat berkata pada dunia
AKU ADALAH PEMENANG !!Aku adalah pemenang dalam pertarunga kehidupanku
yang tak akan jatuh ke dlam lubang hitam yang menyesatkan
aku memang mencintai hujan yang dapat menghapus tangis
dan keperihan dalam hati yang aku rasakan
tapi aku lebih menyukai pelangi yang dapat memberi keindahan
melukis langit dengan warna menjadi anugarah indah dari yang Kuasa
begitu pula kehidupanku seperti pelangi sehabis hujan
seperti mentari yang mampu menyinari dunia sama seperti
senyum dan tawaku yang mampu menghapus semua kepahitan itu
dan kini aku bersykur dan berjanji untuk mencintai dan menghargai
setiap cerita dan kisah kehidupanku setia saatnya 

everything is more better with smiling :)